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Perimeter Access control is an important part of the perimeter. Perimeter Access control helps in the easy entry of personnel and vehicles in and out of your perimeter. Long service life becomes an important parameter while choosing the proper perimeter access control system. A-1 fence offers a range of sophisticated perimeter access control solutions that can be customised depending on the perimeter requirements. We at A-1 fence Oman offer different mechanisms & automation which are selected according to the operation frequency, terrain, clear opening, available parking space, and many other parameters. The infill can be chosen from a wide variety of options. This makes the gates highly customisable. A-1 Gates in Oman are classified into 3 types: Main Gate/Vehicle gate, Personnel Gate & Emergency/Escape Gate.


  • Main gate/Vehicle gate

Vehicle security gates are a key part of perimeter security when access to premises must be restricted. The purpose of vehicle gates is to ensure that only authorized persons and their vehicles can access certain areas. A-1 Main Gate or vehicle gate in Oman has 4 variants, Sliding Gate, Track Sliding Gate, Cantilever gate & Telescopic Gate.

Sliding Gate: Sliding Gates occupy less space as compared to swing gates while opening and parks itself parallel to the wall. They are more secure and stable for longer openings and hence are the ideal choice for industrial, commercial and few residential applications.

Track Sliding Gates: Track Sliding Gates are made for light industrial applications where there is a wide entryway opening (in excess of 6 meters). They can be automated and also customised with various sorts of infill. Gates by A-1 Fence can be transparent or opaque relying upon site necessities. Sliding gates offer better security than swing gates. Track Sliding gate is further classified in 2 variants,

  1. Single Track sliding
  2. Bi parting track sliding gate

Cantilever Gate: They are also known as hanging gates or trackless gates as they use concealed mechanical bearings instead of wheels for its operation and the entire Gate is balanced on two hangers eliminating the need of a track. There is less friction due to trackless operation thus reducing the gate pull force. It requires less maintenance as Bearings are concealed in the Gate Frame

Telescopic Gate: Telescopic Gates are designed to operate in a very compact parking space. It splits the single leaf of the sliding gate into multiple leafs that move together in a telescopic action. These gates operate on a track sliding mechanism. They offer 40% more compactness than other gates. Telescopic Gates have 4 variants: 

  1. Single Leaf
  2. Two leaf
  3. Three Leaf
  4. Four Leaf
  • Personnel gate

A personnel gate is an important part of  perimeter security and access control in the security system of a commercial or industrial facility. The purpose of these gates is to control the access of authorized personnel and/or visitors to certain areas of the complex.

  • Emergency/Escape gate

Emergency or Escape gates are structural elements designed and manufactured for quick and safe exit from a building in an emergency. They also serve as extra equipment when fire or debris prevent the access of normal entry/exit. Emergency exits are usually located in strategic places in the structure, such as corridors, stairwells, or other places where people can be gathered in an emergency. Emergency/Escape gates open only from one side mostly outside of the building.

Product Variants



Smooth Operation

A-1 Fence Oman Gates are made with superior quality self closing hinges. These hinges are meticulously selected depending upon the application. The hinges are tested for over 100000 operations which gives them a longer service life.


Corrosion resistance

Gates by A-1 Fence Oman are made with Hot Dip Galvanized steel and then Powder coated or Thermoplastic coated. Our coating provides the gate with superior corrosion resistance



A-1 fence Oman offers multiple infill options to match your perimeter fences


Light Weight

The modular design makes the gate quite lightweight compared to the standard available swing gate.


Automated Ready

Oman Gates by A-1 fence are automated ready with options to integrate different automated components


Easy Installation

The gates come with modular parts which can be easily assembled using nut & bolts. They do not require any welding /fabrication on site.





Access Control


Perimeter Security



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