About A1 UNICO

With the changing time, habitats, architectural styles and design sensibilities have also changed drastically. What had not changed however, in the field of building and construction, was the security enclosures and structures like fences and gates. Fencing was the least and last thing on anyone’s mind. Innovation had come to a standstill in this field, and ideas virtually non-existent. A1 Unico Weldmesh Fence.

There was a crying need to be more technology savvy and more creative. Also, keeping in mind the aspirations of future generations and future needs was important. There was an urgent need in not just strengthening the security systems but also in enhancing their design quality.

Enter A1 UNICO.
Simply put, A1 UNICO questioned, challenged and changed everything. It shook the industry up. Right from manufacturing technology (factory welding with AI robotic arms) to design (modular, easy to install, with new age coating to last a lifetime), A1 UNICO sought to lead, inspire and
transform the whole security solutions category. A1 Unico’s Perimatrix team brings in new age thinking and knowledge. It collaborates with customers and partners in creating solutions that make every work stand out.

Today, A1 Unico Weldmesh Fence is the only company that is design driven. Apart from this unique advantage, when it comes to products, it is consistent, reliable and highly scalable. Its security systems enhance the architectural grandeur and bring the most ‘Uni’que ‘Co’ncepts to life.


UNICOPrima is a modular weldmesh fencing system that combines affordability with elegance and durability. 

UNICO Shield

UNICOShield is a strong welded mesh system that has anti-climb & anti cut features. It also offers high visibility making it ideal for medium and high security.


UNICOAura is our modular weldmesh fencing system with built-in illumination.

UNICO Royale

UNICORoyale is a premium demarcation fence with a unique twin wire welded mesh structure. It imparts unmatched aesthetics and improved structural stability


UNICOWave is a continuous wave pattern that offers better aesthetics. It also offers anti-climb & anti-cut features.

UNICO Classic

UNICOClassic uses long vertical steel square tubes fixed in artistic pattern. This offers aesthetics, modularity & protection.

UNICO Canvas

UNICOCanvas fence is an artistic fence. It consists of colourful “PIXELS” clipped to the fence to produce a design 


The New UNICOPro combines Modularity, Aesthetics & Customization. It thereby offers a complete perimeter security solution.

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